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Review of the Aerostitch R-3 Light One-piece Suit

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I’ve used a Aerostitch Roadcrafter Ultralight for two years, which is only slightly different the the current R-3 Light. The regular R-3 suit has heavier fabric and more layers, which means better protection. While the details are slightly different, they function similarly. I used the suit first on a Honda CBR250R for commuting, and later on a Yamaha FZ-07 for road trips and general use. It’s a pricey ($1,097) weatherproof one-piece suit with vents and pockets and a full length zipper to put on and take off fairly quickly.
Aerostitch is known for quality construction, and the suit is quick to put on and take off with a full-length zipper main zipper and right leg zipper. The armor pads are adjustable with velcro strips, and you can get optional back and front armor.
There are plenty of features and options, including power cord ports, vents, magnetic collar clasps, waterproof zippers, pockets, bootcovers and more.
The R-3 Light has lighter fabric and abrasion resistance than the regular R-3, which is heavier and has better protection and a liner. You can machine wash the suit after removing the armor and magnets.
You can order short, regular, and long in chest sizes 36 through 54. I have two suits, a 42 short, and a 42 regular. I wear the short suit in warmer weather when I'm wearing shorts and a light shirt. I'll wear the regular length for a little more comfort, to wear over warmer clothing, and I can take off the shoulder, elbow, and knee pad armor and fit it over a mesh or leather armored jacket and mesh pants when morning temperatures are cool but the ride home in the afternoon is hot.
Because of the leg, arm, and back vents, the suit is tolerable is hot weather when moving. If you're stopped for more than a few seconds, or moving slowing on the bike, remember that you're wearing a waterproof suit. The airflow through the suit is good, but if the temperature is over 90 degrees, I'll wear mesh gear. This suit will keep me warm in any weather I can ride in, and I have an electric vest if I need additional heat. You do want to pay attention to the chest size you order if you want to have room for additional heavy clothing. I ordered my size online with good results, but it would be fun to try your suit on at the factory.
You can roll it up and store it on the bike when you're not riding, but it's a little bulky. Aerostitch sells a webbing strap to cinch it, but I use long velcro straps.
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