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Review of Fox Creek Leather "Drifter" Jacket

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Here is my year round, 24/7 leather motorcycle jacket. Brought to us by the good folks at FCL. I've had it since December of 2014, about 10,000 miles ago. Which means it has seen 30 degree roads with a little salt residue. Tropical storms, thunder storms, a wee bit of snow, lots of rain and 100 degree days. I kicked it around for 2 weeks to even get it from looking brand new. It was however very comfortable from the start.
To start, the fit runs true to size. My first order was a 38 and proved to be way too small. The friendly staff at FCL helped me get the correct size of 42, plus they immediately sent the replacement - that very day at no charge. All they asked, was that on my honor I return the original. Which cost me about $17.
Now the jacket itself is in my opinion the best appointed mc specific leather jacket. Featuring a whole slew of things you can read about on their website. What I like the most are the vents, front and back, as well as the removable liner. They have kept me comfortable from the mid 30's to the 90's. I did experience some 110 degree heat index days, with high humidity and it is undoubtedely hot and sweaty but not unbearable. This is heavy traffic mind you, such as 1.5 hours or more to travel 45 miles. As long as I'm moving, I'm cool, or cool off quikly as it were. It is slightly warmer than the all mesh jacket I once had. That thing feels like it would explode on impact compared to this however.
The front pockets (behind the vent zip) open up massively, but I don't use them that often. Gives the jacket a girthy look. I did carry a gallon jug of antifreeze for a stranded motorist once. Totally has a 6 pack... of water... covered in a pinch.
To try and remain succint, the jacket to me is going to be my mainstay for many years. Very sturdy construction, but the leather is very soft and supple. Has a lot of features and has you covered for a wide range of temps. I use the bohn armor I have in the pockets, but plan to get the forcefield set they offer. Most armor should fit in the provided pockets, but it's meant for forcefield.

Everything went braap.

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