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Review of Alpinestars Stella Tyla Gloves

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The Alpinestars’ Stella Tyla gloves are a superb mix of function, quality, style, and comfort, all in one attractive and affordable package.
These are full length riding gloves which easily cover the wrist, and include multiple adjustment points for maximum customizability in fit – something especially hard to find in gloves.
With intense summer heat, I needed a cooler glove, but one that did not compromise on safety. Made of full grain cow hide and goat skin, with reinforced palms and knuckles, riders get full protection and vented relief. Lycra panels on the fingers, both running the length and spanning across fingers, add extra flexibility and breatheability without limiting leather coverage.
Unique to these gloves is the customizable fit: there is elastic around the narrow point of the wrist, an adjustable Velcro patch that is large enough and angular enough to allow adjustment not just to accommodate wrist girth, but also to accommodate hand shape and different jacket cuffs. There is also a zipper that runs along the thumb bone and onto the wrist, which allows extra room for comfort or slipping over beefier jackets, or conversely allows for even the smallest-wristed of us to get a snug fit every time.
I have owned the Stella Tyla gloves in white for over four years, and the Velcro, Lycra, and leather are all still holding up like new. As a dual sport rider, I have gone down on both pavement and dirt (of many textures), and there is not a single rip or tear, not even along the seams. Committed to safety no matter the temperature, these gloves have been my friend in 100+ degree temps, and have kept me warm enough down into the 40’s. Though they are comfortable, these are definitely gloves for milder climates, and I would not recommend longer rides in cooler temps (40’s and below), as the wind chill factor will leave your hands frozen.
Also, while the Lycra pieces give some stretch, the leather does not give much, and the gloves are shaped for fingers slightly more on the slender side. Another downside is that these gloves are not lined (which aids their coolness and breathability), so those bothered by being able to feel seams inside the gloves may miss even a simple lining. The softness of the leather affords incredible comfort overall though, and it is hard to neglect appreciating their craftsmanship.
Which brings me to my last point: these gloves are frankly beautiful – as far as motorcycle gloves go. And they are all these things without being gaudy, glittery, or pink. Thank you. Feminine styling without showy insult, feminine fitting without giving up serious protection, these gloves are for the woman rider who embraces her adventuresome spirit, commits to the need for safety, and appreciates a touch of elegance in her gear.
These were the first Alpinestars product I purchased, and I am now well on my way to having a full A-stars outfit. And that says more than anything.
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