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If you think Yamaha did a perfect job with the FZ-07, then stop reading. This post is not for you! 
Howdy! I'm from Wisconsin and have had my FZ-07 for about 2 months now. This is my second street bike, but I've had a dirtbike since I was 9. I'm a fan of the bike, but I do occasionally miss my 92 cb750. I'm all about the naked style and have been jonesin' for a louder exhaust.
For the 7 years I was riding my cb750, I've checked out forums and custom projects related to making earlier generations of the cb into a cafe style bike. This has always seemed pretty sweet to me. Not necessarily the cafe style, but the idea of really taking your bike and making it your own. This got me thinking, which I'll admit can be dangerous.
The handle bars, can I take the fz's handle bars and flip 'em to lower the height of the bars by like 4"? Bare with me, it may sound bonkers, and I know some will say to keep it stock, But I'm truly looking for an answer from anyone who's taken the bars apart.
Stick with me. Put your hands out like you holding your handle bars, crusin' down the road. If you roll the bar away from you 180 degrees, the handles will be pointing away from you, right? but they will be lower. now take you imaginary pointing-wrong-ways handle bars and do a school bus steering wheel turn of 180 degrees. If you're still with me I hope you've come the same conclusion I did, which is that those stock bars are like 4-5" lower and would make the seating position much more aggressive.
I know you'd be leaning more forward, and I know it would take some doin' to get the gauge back on correctly and levers and all, buts it's a genuine question. Let me know what you think! I look forward to hearing from you and am excited to share my customizing stories with you!

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I think someone tried something similar but had to remove the fake intakes to clear full lock. Might also have to grind off some paint on the throttle side. I'd say its worth a shot. I'm curious at least. :P
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