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I have been having issues with my hands cramping after 75 miles or so on the bike and was looking at other grips. Seems every grip I found or saw wasn't really anything different, then I saw Grip Puppy's. Grip Puppy's are a foam padding that go over your current grips, and at only $20 it's hard to beat the price, plus I saw a bunch of positive reviews, and rarely any negative reviews. In addition, I saw lots of sport bike positive reviews.
Installing them was relatively easy once you get them over the outside edge of the grip, remember to keep them wet, makes it much easier, but let them dry before you ride.
Once dry, i set off on my journey to test them out, I had just been on a similar ride length last weekend and my throttle hand had really been aching after the ride. So off I went from outside of Nashville, over to Franklin, onto Natchez Trace and back, around a 200 mile ride. I am very pleased with Grip Puppy, my hand never experienced the issues I had before. Grip puppy is very comfortable, doesn't make the grips look weird, and reduces vibration. 
For anyone experiencing throttle hand cramps, I would highly recommend Grip Puppy
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