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TriboSeat "Anti-Slip Seat Cover for Passengers"

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I ordered this thinking it might be worthwhile when my 9yo granddaughter rides with me.  As it happens she seems comfortable without it, but since I got it I installed it and will give a few thoughts doing so here.
The cover is made of extremely grippy, rubbery "stuff," much like the rolls of material one can get to put in the bottom of toolbox drawers.  It is tailored to fit the 07 and does so quite well.  It attaches with a single draw-string running around the sides and back edges.  When snugged down the sting fits out of sight completely under the seat. 
 [attachment id=293" thumbnail="1] 
To install one simply removes the grab-strap over the seat and lays the seat upside-down on the cover, pull the drawstring tight and tie it (tucking the extra out of the way under the seat.  Then, reinstall the grab-strap which fits over the front edge of the new cover.  If one piddled a little I think the front edge of the cover could be maneuvered to fit exactly under the strap, hence, without any edges showing.  I simply didn't take the time to do so since I normally have the OEM cowl on my bike instead of the seat.
My only concern is that it doesn't look very durable, but to help a new passenger become comfortable riding it might be worthwhile, is simple and quick to install, and looks decent, imho.  I ordered from ebay and with shipping from England it was a little under $25 and was delivered to Louisiana in just under a week, ahead of the ebay estimate by nearly another week!!!

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