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I hope this will be ok here...I have always found (my experience here, not generalizing) that the dealers tend to charge a lot for what looks like not very good service. When I needed my forks internals upgraded, the quote that I got from my local dealer was just out of this world. I realize they that they are supposed to know the bike best since they are getting their information, parts and training directly from the source, but still...Not to mentioned that I was not impressed with the way they delivered back my bike after the first service  :|. 
So, I figured that I needed to look around...and I found a very nice shop, not very close to home, but now that I know how that works, well worth the effort to get there. I will spare you the details of the work they did for me (they are all in their dedicated thread). They are Ace Moto Tech  -. They are in Milton ON, so good for people located in the Greater Toronto Area.
Please post other local shops that you've had good experiences with. I think this could be very helpful.

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