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You now can have up to 25 personal smilies.

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You can now store your own smileys, emoticons, and use them when creating posts just like any other smiley.
You can edit your personal smilies in your profile. If you go to Edit Profile 'Settings' page you should have a new area where you can add/remove your smilies.
Any direct link to your smiley images should work, just add them to the list, you can add 5 at a time, then save settings to save those and get 5 more boxes etc. Once you have added smiley images to that area, you should then see you extra smileys on the posting pages.
To get to smilies, you have to do a full reply, not a quick reply.

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If you have trouble, or if your smilie looks like a broken link, then you have uploaded the wrong link.
Look at this screenshot of my Imgur page to see which code I copied. Using Imgur, it is titled "Original Gif Link". Copy that link.
[attachment id=49" thumbnail="1]
Now, go back to the FZ-07 Forums, click >Profile>Edit Profile>Settings and then scroll to bottom of the page.
You will see this. Paste Gif Link into first row, then click "Set Changes".
[attachment id=50" thumbnail="1]
Do this for ea smilie that you want to use. When finished, click save account settings.
Now, when you post and click the smilie icon, you should see your personal smilies that you correctly uploaded.
To speed things up, you can drag and drop smilies into Imgur.
Happy posting everyone!

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Cool,  respect-048.gif   Thank you very much,  respect-062.gifLooks good, applause-038.gif

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