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I want a 2 different shields Large & small w/quick disconnct

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Naked bikes are great i currently have 5 naked bikes.
But I like comfort some times, sometimes I want a sporty ride.
Look at the Madstad Engineering convertible wind screens.
These are positive pressure screens so they are adjustable for tilt, height, and amount of positive air pressure you need to smooth out air/wind turbulence.
I have put a few of these on a few of my bikes, they are much quieter as they smooth the air out for less turbulence and less wind Noise, when that happens it is quieter and smoother air less turbulence and less buffeting.\\
I like that in a couple seconds i can change between small fly screen to a larger adjustable screen.
Since the madstad wind screen system is adjustable a smaller screen acts like a much larger screen because of the adjustments you have to smooth out the air flow.
They actually work really well, this is a product that works as advertised, and has been engineered to work very well.
Some manufacturers shields are negative pressure  and only look cool, Not adding to better its function at all.
I dont have anything to do with Madstad other than love their product.

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I do use this screen on a Vstrom 650. Like the OP says, it is all kinds of adjustable. But realistically, for my height 5' 11, I could only find a very narrow range where the screen itself didn't cause big buffeting issues at speeds past 70 mph with cross winds etc. So the benefit is, this screen allows you to find that range. Its not particularly elegant looking, imo, but on the storm I didn't care. On the FZ though, they don't really have a pic of how it will look. Vstrom is my comfort bike, so this type of screen works perfectly.
i looked at getting it for the FZ 07, it is even more expensive with additional brackets or something required. All add upto more than 200 bucks for a screen that, to me, degrades the look a little bit. Vanity eh :P
@westgl, if you have pics of it on your FZ, those would be great to see. Thanks.

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Hey Kamalv
Actually you are talking about their larger screen, that is adjustable.
what I am impressed with is Madstads New quick disconnect shields to be able to go back and fourth from their small new fly screen, with quick disconnect to their larger adjustable screen.
This would be great if going on a Long ride, pop the small fly screen off in 2 seconds, and larger screen on in 2 seconds, then on goes the sw motech Blaze panniers saddle bags, quick disconnects also in another 10 seconds, and you are ready for some Long rides, switch back to the small fly screen and ready for warmer short rides.
I like dual purpose bikes, or as close as I can get to it.
I have used the larger shield on another bike, in the rain, I adjust the larger shield all the way up and at least kept my helmets shield fairly clear, some times you get caught out in a down pour.
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MRA brand has an add on drill in and clip-on product

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