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mt 07 stall issue?

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I replaced the air intake pressure sensor because error code number 13 came out. (1WS-82380-00-00)

Also, I replaced the battery and ignition plug two weeks ago. When I replaced it 2 weeks ago, the error code number 13 came out because I didn't change the sensor, but there was no problem with driving.

I have tried resetting ecu now, but there is a problem like in the video.

There were no issues about these issues in Korea.... Therefore, information is not available... Please save me...
+The same problem occurred even after preheating and starting the engine.

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i have no idea if this will work but try disconnecting your o2 sensor.

its a little electrical plug above the right footpeg. it sits on the frame behind a removable panel. if it works let us know. good luck


ps. also check your idle screw

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Are all the vacuum caps in place and in good shape on the throttle body synch ports? That'll make one hard to start and run fussy. You get unmetered air that way. Air that the ECU can't account for. 

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