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FTECU active tune mount

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For those that have the FTECU active tune module where did you end up putting it?

I'll admit I've struggled with this a bit.  At first I felt like I had about 3 feet of wire I didn't need on the O2 sensor.  Then I felt like I needed more wire but on the active tune module side not so much the O2 sensor.  Now I'm kind of at the thought that I have enough wire but would like about an inch or two more on the active tune side.


My first thought for a mounting area for the active tune module was on the right side near where it plugs into the harness.  Almost had that done but with its size I couldn't get the side cover back on.  As most of us do after I messed wit it for a while I decided to look at the FTECU page.

Their example doesn't work for this bike because there isn't enough wire on the active tune side unless I start cutting into the wire harness.  Not doing that.


As it is now I think I have come to my solution.  My active tune module I have stuffed in the subframe on the right side.  There seems to be just enough wire to run back down to the plug for wire harness.  The O2 sensor has plenty of wire to get up there.

Before I finalize what I've done and zip tie what I need to I'd like to know or see what others have done.



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