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Add a 12v USB power port

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Amazon has tons of automotive 12V USB power ports – with and without lights, with and without built-in volt meter displays.


I added a simple USB power port to my 2015 FZ-07 by connecting it to the stock under-tank aux D/C connector.  I drilled a hole in the front tank cover which, on the right side, covers a surprisingly large empty void between the ECU and the frame (this space is pretty full on the left side) . All I needed was two male pins and two wire seals for the Sumitomo .090 (MT090-2) connector from CycleTerminal.com. 

Some forum posts refer to the “MT090-2b” connector but that is incorrect.  The right connector is “MT090-2” which has two alignment grooves in the connector body.




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I wanted to do it the same way, but in the end I wasn't psychologically able to drill a hole in the cover of my "new" bike  :D
Now the power port is hidden inside, think I will choose your solution the next time if I have to touch the USB charging stuff ever again



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