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[fixed] Headlight swapped but can't get LED controller to work.

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FIXED: had a mate come over and give me a hand soldering directly to the 12v ACC+ line in the fuse box, worked flawlessly after I got the controller powered.


Ok, so I bought a set of headlights made for a jeep wrangler figuring i'd adapt one to my bike, and if it looked good I'd sell the other to my mate for his MT-09, after some fidgeting around the headlight is on and working, however the "halo" if you can call it that doesn't work without the little bluetooth controller box. I have tried tapping the ground and power wires for it into my license plate light wires (double and triple checked they're correct) but it doesn't seem to be getting any power does anyone have an idea how i could get this working, as i'd like the extra visibility. Sorry if this is really dumb, but i'm not exactly an electrical engineer.

This is the exact set I bought, the installation instructions are for a jeep as far as I know.


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