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Wow, a week working at home

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After 90 days I get to work and sleep at home, been coming home on weekends. I started this forum when I heard that Yamaha was gonna build the FZ-07, people started joining and posting at a fast rate and I was really into growing it and then wham, I accepted a position that I couldn't refuse and have been building a small company into a regional with plans for bigger. My life changed and thankfully I have a team of volunteer mods who kick arse and this place has grown to over 800 members in less than 6 months. Thousands more read our posts for info n their bikes.
Even our visitors spend an average 6.4 minutes on the site and that is a testament to you, the members. And with my job lately, its not much due to anything I have done.
I haven't had time to sit down to put much thought into posting and have put alot of time to the unseen parts of the forums. Things are being developed for expansion and I think you are going to like it.
Posting hashtags will provide like search terms so ya never lose that helpful thread. Retail is about to be launched, selling the best built items for our bikes on both this and the FJ-09 Site by proven fabricators and we are even accepting ideas from the employed fabricator/riders that have ideas for weekend production.
Main thing I want to do is ensure that this place is what you need it to be as you own these bikes. I have time this week so please any constructive thoughts below and I'll do my best this week to respond, now that I'm at home.
Thanks again for joining my site and help me create the best place for us to use and create ideas for our bikes by sharing your rides, pics, vids and advice for others.
Rob aka Cruizin
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