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Roberto Tuzii

Yamaha r6 front end swap with Yamaha MT07

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Roberto Tuzii

Hi everyone, and let's hope to soon going back to normal life; lately I have been picking my brains to improve my Yamaha MT07 2016 model handling, I already have a K-TEK forks cartridges, and  a rear Razor R lite and I am very happy with the suspension performance.

What I am trying to do after I have read AP article on line, is getting that back shock link to change steering geometry and making my bike steer more like a race bike. I love this little torque bike and I really think that it has got a lot of potential around a race track in terms of nimbleness, weight and flickability. As we know power is nothing without the handling, and this is what I would love to do.

Now I was thinking of a few options: 1) I would like to run the K-tek SSK road pistons kit that I once tried around a race track and I was suddenly impressed by it, downright impressive, because I cannot intall them on my current k-teck front cartridges, I would have to either get some R6 complete front end option #2, but I don't know enough as to it will fit or not; and then option #3 get some R6 front forks tubes and slide them into my MT07 front end hoping to adopt the calipers clamps, so I can put on the SSK kit and re-valve it accordingly to suit. Yes and that's it; I have pretty much a lot to think of, but I am writing to you all to seek some help and suggestions from your experience. I love this bike, and I really would like to turn it into a little track bike weapon, that looks like a lamb but behaves like a wolf.

Please I am open to any suggestion to come to some solution and carry out this project of mine and enjoy it soon.

Thanks for your time and keep safe.

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