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About Akrapovic exhaust

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So I got an email from my dealer a couple of days ago said that my "order" is ready to pick up.
And yes,that is my Akrapovic exhaust, I think I am very lucky because I knew a guy who ordered this on August and he just got his last week, I ordered mine only two weeks ago :D
So I went to the dealer today and got it installed, one thing that I am concerned before installation is whether it will be loud enough without taking out the muffler, I checked almost all available youtube videos about 07's Akrapovic exhaust to figure out the sound difference. But most videos on youtube are without db killer ones so I can't get a good comparison.
On the other hand, someone told me after taking out muffler you need to put something in( I don't quite remember, I think it is something called powercontrol or powercommander something) otherwise it will lower the engine performance. 
Turns out that all the things I concerned are not necessary. The original Akrapovic exhaust(the one I got is carbon fiber) is very loud, I tried to record the sound with my gopro but it just sound different in the video. You have to hear it by yourself. But I can assure you it is very loud and it sounds great. I think even with original sound, it will fatigue me with couple of hours riding.
Hope all these helps if you are going to get Akrpovic soon. Ride safe have fun!
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Congrats on the new exhaust!! #jealous

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