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20 minutes ago, cornerslider said:

Probably the BEST advise- EVER.... People put WAY too much emphasis on "dragging a knee". I'm a rider coach at a local track school. I seriously "cringe" when people say that's their "end-game" <img src=">, they want to drag a knee. Yes, I looks cool in photos. I see people distorting their body position to the point of being counter productive in hopes of dragging a knee. Lean into it, use your vision, use your hips, and shoulders properly. You will be dragging a knee an no time (and then complaining about how expensive new slider pucks are)....🤣

Well good to know! The reason I asked was
1. I have yet to drag knee but still get around at a decent pace (to me)

2. I didn’t know if I could get away with the pants with the aluminum knee sliders that aren’t replaceable for the track as well. I am a senior citizen and don’t really want to ride with knee sliders on the street but still want max protection. I may just pick up both pair since they are discounted so much and still be in below my $650 budget and have street and track gear covered. 
Thanks guys!!

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