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What did you do to your Yamaha FZ-07 today?

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10 hours ago, terasaki said:

6AM. Dark. Heavy traffic. Lane splitting. 15-20 mph. Manhole cover missing from Drain. Crash. No damage to me or the bike. Extremely lucky. Onwards to work and on time. BQE/ Gowanus in Brooklyn,NY

Whoa that’s crazy, I’m in nyc too and it’s crazy how bad the roads are, you should sue the city

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14 hours ago, terasaki said:

BQE/ Gowanus in Brooklyn,NY

As if it isn't bad enough without missing manhole covers, Jeez TFU.

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Old Man
On 11/4/2018 at 10:25 PM, Dare738 said:

What's the final adjustment you made? I'm 5' 4" and around 150-160 with gear and when I go over bumps I almost get thrown out the saddle

I left it at 2 and 2 1\2 .  This bike is a disappointment in my book. Don't get me started.

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Center of red front wing has been painted black also.

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Picked up my 2018 MT-07 yesterday and I'm already 100 miles into the break in period.  It didn't take me long to start changing things up to make it mine. 


Painted the exhaust shield and gas cap black because I don't like silver things, it's too dark to take pics right now.


I like how easy the feel of the shifter is but I hate how far you need to move it so I re-positioned the point of attachment on the shift arm to shorten the throw.  This adjustment is a balancing act because if you move it too far you'll lose so much leverage that it's become hard to move the shift lever with your toe.  At first I thought I moved it too much as it was quick to shift but harder then I would have liked, you can't have your cake and est it too.  After 30 miles of riding I've gotten used to the difference in the input needed but If I had to do it again I'd try moving it about 20% less.  I may spend the $18 and buy another arm to try it at a slightly different position. 



I flipped the shift arm to go back to the GP style shifting I prefer and trimmed away the side cover to allow the rod to pass through. 


The clutch lever on these things has an odd feel I don't like so much so I robbed the super trick CRG clutch lever and perch from the defunked ninja 250 and mounted it to the MT which gave me back that fluid clutch feel I so like.  This setup is unique in that it has 3 positions to mount the cable which changes the pull ratio of the cable to actuate it faster for a quick bit or slower for more feel. 


Because I changed the clutch perch I lost my left mirror so I mounted a CRG Lane Splitter bar end mirror which was given to me yesterday by a friend.  I'll probably give a short review on these once I get a few weeks on them. 


New Pro Taper soft grips for my old man hands.  I was hoping for a R6 throttle tube as well but none were in stock. 


Clipped some mini bungees under the passenger seat so I could go grab some dinner.  I miss not having my givi top case but this'll have to do for now, not sure if it'll fit a pizza though. 




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