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My winter hobby

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I was inspired by the show Letterkenny (and canadian hockey slang) to invent (and document) a new language for motorcycling. I'll be borrowing heavily from hockey slang because a lot of of applies (and is funny). This is a long-term effort so check back every now-and-then. Feel free to make suggestions. Also, I'm going to be documenting some of the oldies.

first season rider with a case of the wannabes. Schmelts MUST show wannabe behavior to be a true schmelt.
usage: thats not where real bikers put their gas cap when topping-off. don't be a schmelt.

Cone (or pylon):
slow rider. so slow you have to go around them.
usage: you're a cone in turn one. figure it out.

Control riders / coaches

Anyone on the track who isn't a shirt

Shirts vs Skins:
Last session of a trackday.

Usage: anything boat related works. Rossi is getting too old for a paddlewheeler.

This is an actual word, schmelt. Get a dictionary.

Tilt, full-tilt, tilly:
Push really hard. Can by interchanged with WFO.
Usage: I was hard tilly on the straight and you still pulled away.

Full-tilt boogy:
There is no way to go any faster than full-tilt boogy.

Wide !#@$%ing open. Full throttle.

Gel seat:
Soft. Feminine.
Usage: You could do a 3rd trackday if you weren't such a gel seat.

Beer. Me and a buddy of mine use this term because I got a refund from a TD organizer after having a beer with lunch.
Usage: who wants a cold refund?

Crappy session. Red-flag session.  Horrible group. Or- crazy party.
Usage: last session was a total gongshow. how do you have 1 lap and four red flags? alternatively: the boys and i got lost on the ride over to smokeout and woulda been pissed except it was two days of righteous gongshow.

Squirrely kid. A new rider who takes bizarre lines. Or, inappropriately dressed rider.

MuSHroom hEAD. People who wear half helmets. AKA HD riders. AKA Pig pilots.
Usage: I was ton-up until I come up on a gaggle of shreads.

Ton, ton-up:
Don't ask don't tell. My speedo is broken, officer.

Dirty dangles:
Outstanding cornering speed/ability.
Usage: that shultz kid has dirty dangles.

Papa Wheelie:
Fast greybeard. This is a term of respect.

Full send:
Very aggressive riding.

Pig pilot:
HD rider.

More to come....

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Reflector on the pavement that causes a terrifying squiggle if run over during a ton-up lane change mid corner. 

Usage: i almost lost it when i caught a turtle passing that camry

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See full tilt boogey

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I think this will be real fun to see what others add since this forum is international. Im curious to see what others have come up with over the years in all the different places represented on here. 

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