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New Supporting Member Program, go "ad free" and get unlimited pic hosting & much more!

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smaller supporting member ribbon.png

Over the years, you have probably noticed that some members have a badge under their usernames, next to their posts titled "Premium Member" .  This means that member decided to contribute to the forum and help pay for the cost of this place. 

What is the new Supporting Member Program?

It's an annual subscription that allows members of the forum to contribute to the costs of running and keeping this forum online.  You get a bunch of perks , including an "ad free" experience on the forum. 

What are the perks? 

*Supporting Member tag under your username

*100% ad free experience on the forum. 

*Unlimited amount of images in Gallery Album! 

*You can upload an unlimited amount of images on the forum. (regular members are limited as to how many pics we will host). 

*Each of your images can be up to 10 MB in size. (please resize & keep them as small px as possible to help my server) 

*You can have signatures in your posts. Up to two lines of text. 

*You can have one 400 X 400 px- image in your signature too.

*You can post one link in your sig. (no motorcycle retail/self owned motorcycle related business links please) 

*You can edit your posts anytime. (regular members can only edit posts within 60 minutes of posting. )

*Your posts edits can be silent. ( no more edited by and time/date), if you choose! 

*You can lock and unlock your topics/threads. Locking means nobody else can reply anymore.

*You can start conversations/Pm's with up to 5 people at a time. Regular members only 1 at a time. 

*You have unlimited PM storage.  regular members have a storage Limit of 30 pm's. 

*Automated GIPHY integration in your posts and replies. 

Why are we doing this?

 We currently have over 120 GB of your photos on the forum. Hosting this forum and all of those images costs into the upper hundreds per month now, and that comes right out of my wallet. This does not include the software license fees and unpaid hours each week managing this forum.  

Ok, How do I sign up? 

Just click on "subscriptions" at the top of the forum, or if on a phone, click those three lines at the top right of the screen and then click on subscriptions.  It is only $50 a year to subscribe.

The new supporting member program no longer requires Paypal donations. Payment is handled thru our encrypted website and handled by Stripe, a very secure payment processor. The moment that you sign up, the switch to "supporting member" will be auto and instant. 

Likewise, when your subscription hits the one year mark, if you choose to have your payment info stored, the system will auto renew after one year, but you will be warned via email one week before this and you can cancel at any time.

Or, you can choose to not store your payment info at all, when you sign up.    You can also go into subscriptions and cancel renewal at any time.  

All proceeds go right to the costs of managing, upgrading and hosting this forum and will keep this forum online! 

Thanks for being a member of the FZ07 forum!  

The forum and all of our perks are expensive to run. Pic hosting is especially expensive. We are not a large corporation, my wife and I pay for this forum out of our own pockets. So we really appreciate it anytime someone decides to become a supporting member. 


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Big thanks to @bugsinteeth for helping the forum by subscribing to the Supporting Member program!  

You folks can support the forum too by clicking the "subscriptions" button at the top of the forum, if you are on a phone then click the 3 lines at the top right and then click on "subscriptions".   

All proceeds go towards the costs of hosting, managing and running this forum so that everyone can enjoy it! 

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Oh, and when I said you can have an image in your signature, that includes animated gifs.  

As a reminder, you can change your signature by going to "account settings". To add a animated gif in your Signature (signature shows at the bottom of all of your posts) just go to giphy.com and find the one you want. Click on it, and copy the link. Then, in your sig click on "insert other media" and paste the link in there. 


You can change your profile pic by going to Profile, and clicking on it on the top left.   Profile pic is the little picture next to all of your posts. 


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Just added another new perk for supporting members. GIPHY!

Supporting members and Moderators now have a "GIF" icon in the top of the tool bar when you are creating a or replying to a post. It is a little box with the word GIF in it. Screen Shot 2019-11-03 at 3.27.27 PM.png

Click on that and this pops up

Screen Shot 2019-11-03 at 3.28.35 PM.png


Now, type in the search box on the bottom what kind of GIF you want. In this case, I am typing in "That was Easy", and then I simply click on the GIF that I like the most and it pops up in your post. 

easy office space GIF


Ok, lets try another search. Say, Chris Farley. 

Chris Farley GIF by Leroy Patterson


Ok, so we can see that these gifs can get out of hand if we load too many in a post. So, please only load one per post.    

I will add more features later. You get a lot for $50 a year !

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