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Attention PCV Owners. I found something interesting.

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For a while now I've been having trouble figuring out how I could modify dynojet's stock map profile layout for the PCV. The way the map layout is for throttle position vs RPM just was not working with my setup and left alot of holes in my tune that were not adjustable between the TPS ranges. The stock dynojet map layout is setup is pictured below. Take notice of the TPS axis. See how it ranges from 0,2,5,10,15, the jumps from 20,40,60,80, and 100. But what about everything else in between? Well it cannot be tuned from the Power Commander software. The map axis cannot be changed in that program. That's where I was having problems with getting very inconsistent AFR values in my data logs from my POD 300. I knew in my head what my AFR target tables were and while riding I could look down at the POD 300's display and see that my throttle position would be in between the ranges I could adjust and my AFR would be like 12.5 while cruising!!! That's crazy. 

Well I found the solution to the problem within the C3 software and it does in fact work and the map files will transfer into the PCV unit on the bike without any problem and it works outstanding. My current bike setup is Akra Ti full system, PCV, K&N filter, DJ Autotune, stock O2 removed which explains some of the negative values in my mapping around the cruising ranges.



Now on to actually fixing this problem. I opened my map files from the bike in the C3 software and clicked above the map grid where it says "Throttle Position %" and it opens up a grid axis editor. I edited it to have 22 cells of Throttle position for more tuning options. If I really wanted to get precise and possibly go insane while doing it I could do the throttle position in increments of 1%. 


What you will end up with is a map that goes from stock DJ configuration to this.


That's more like it. I also made sure the timing tables and AFR target and trims tables were changed as well.


Now I did have to do some figuring as where the actual trims and timing adjustments went on the table itself and it was actually quite simple. I had to work from 100% throttle down copy and pasting the values in their respective throttle percentages. I then filled the gaps with a generic 1,2,or 3 just to get the auto tune started.

My timing map ended up looking like this. This is just an expansion from dynojet's akra map. I put the values in the right throttle positions and filled the surrounding 0 values with the same values left and right of them.


I put this to the test and loaded them into my PCV unit on the bike and took a ride today and I could not believe the difference it made. It was night and day how much more crisp it ran. Before I had a real nasty spot in the mid rpm range at low throttle position and this change smoothed it out 100%. Even in the higher throttle positions it just felt worlds different in a good way.

If you already knew this trick and I'm just late to the game sorry for the long read but I feel it's still good useful info for others to apply to their PCV tunes. Also if there is a more appropriate section for this thread please move.


Happy Tuning!!!!

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Great job, thanks for sharing. 👍🏻

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