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Anyone reccomend a Motorcycle lift table that doesn't break the bank?

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On 10/20/2019 at 5:26 PM, DewMan said:

First impressions of the Harbor Freight Pittsburg 1,000lb lift:

How to unload the 317lb lift by one person with no hydraulic assists:

It was a serious PITA trying to remove the crate from the 8ft bed of my pickup after they forklifted it into there. The Line-X bed coating is like sandpaper and will not allow the crate  to slide by any manual means. They broke off two of the three skid boards from the bottom of the crate just getting it pushed all the way into the bed. My pathetic attempt to slide the crate towards the tailgate by hand using a rope was totally useless.

I ended up unpacking the lift in place in the truck bed to install the wheels. I then used my  Black Widow ramp  to ease it out of the bed. I used the thin plywood crate top on the ramp to keep the wheels from falling between the ramp rungs. I had to pump it up about a foot to clear the front when it got to the end of the ramp due to the long overhang found on the front of the ramp when in the down position.

Fit & finish:

All that being said, the ramp is in pristine condition. Not a single bent, scratched or misaligned part that I've found. But I haven't installed the included front wheel clamp since I'll be using the wheel chock mentioned in my previous post on this thread.


Loading the FZ-07, due to the uphill approach of my driveway, was a simple affair of just motoring the front wheel onto the lift and then stepping off the bike to walk the bike the rest of the way via feathering the clutch. I could have just as easily motor walked it the entire way but that's left up to personal preference. If you run the FZ up the ramp just to the right of center you can use the side stand if you so desire, though I wouldn't want to do that as my primary method.  The FZ takes up most of the 86.6in/220cm length of the table with it's 55in/140cm wheelbase and after throwing on both pit stands the entire length of the table is used. I also placed a small industrial doormat underneath where my centerstand sits to offer some grip and also to not mar the surface if I choose to use the centerstand if needed.

No priming of the jack was required. The jack works with a consistent feel when pumping the lever. The lift rises smoothly with no squeaks, rattles or shimmying. Unless you're stomping on the pedal like you're trying to kill a scorpion there's minimal bounce. It takes a lot of pumps to raise it the full height but the amount of pressure needed on the pedal is light IMO.

I'll be putting the bike up on the pit stands front and rear to see where to place the wheel chock base plate before I start drilling mounting holes. I want to leave the most options possible whether it be just using the chock with a couple tiedowns or using both pit stands for when you need to pull both rims for new skins. 

Side note: The front Venom stand wheels fit perfectly on either side of the base rail of the above mentioned wheel chock though you'll need to pull the pins to allow the wheels past them.  The rear Venom stand barely clears the rear drop plate so you can remove the plate with the rear on the Venom stand but you'll need to pull the plate out the front.

I still don't understand why the lift doesn't have front tie down locations. I think I'll be using the Eye bolts from the chock's unused stabilizer bar  to add a couple forward biased  tie down points. 

OK, I'll shut up now. I've rambled too much already. ☺️

If you have any questions about the lift, I'll do my best to answer them.

I got a couple U-clamps at the hardware store and a couple more nuts that fit, so I could drill the deck and attach the U-clamps in place, nut above and below to lock the position.

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On 10/31/2019 at 5:46 PM, DewMan said:

Anyone else wishing the corners of the raised lift were padded?

Nevermind the bruise on my thigh I'm worried about ruining a perfectly good pair of pants on the sharp corners of the Harbor Freight lift.

I found my own solution to the problem. I used short sections of 


to cushion the corners to save my skin and or pants.




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Just shut up and ride.

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My buddy has Harbor Freight one that’s held up well over the years. Curious what others choose too

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