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New MT-03

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Mileage passed 4,000 yesterday and it was time for a new rear tire. Since the front is still in good condition, I went with the same spec. rear tire: A Dunlop GPR-300 in size 140/70R17.

After the initial easy ride on the new tire, I changed the engine oi and oil filter while the engine was warm, using an OEM oil filter (as I always do) and Yamalube AP 10/40 oil. The shifting and clutching feels as smooth as silk,

As always, the MT-03 continues to thrill with a great handling feel and great power characteristics. 

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Well, in one of my other topics I mentioned my garage only has space for 3 bikes.  The last few months, my wife and I both lamented how much we greatly miss her R3.  But she also mentioned how much she never liked slow speed maneuvering on it.  So not too long after we both got our new bikes, I went searching for a MT03.

So... months and months of searching locally 2 misses where they supposedly had it then I called the dealership to be disappointed, finally ONE sprung up and stayed up from a dealership and I instantly put a deposit down.

I spent a good whole day re-organizing our garage, and unfortunately, we have to get rid of one exercising equipment because alas, owning more motorcycles is much, much more important than health.  Here is what 4 motorcycles look like crammed close together.  Maintenance will be slightly harder, now I have to pull out the car and move a bike to the empty bay!  OH NO!!!


Anyway, rode her home today.  It's like an old friend I greatly missed these past 5 months.  But I admit, after riding the MV Agusta those last 5 months, I almost forgot how much gear changing is involved on 300cc bikes  just to reach 45 mph.

By the way guys, any of you buy a brand new sub 650cc motorcycle these days?  There is hardly any stock out there!  And this is WA state for freak sake, its not like people are riding all year long.  The higher end bikes (11k+) are ok, but the lower priced bikes are all gobbled up.  The only bike they have at Tacoma Motorsports is an MT09 and several ADV bikes.  The manager told me they have a whole bunch of bikes on order but he literally has no clue whenever they come in.  The MT03 I snagged was ordered a few months ago.  shet is crazy.

Also one last note.  Don't be fooled by the headlight, it is bright as f@#k.  But going to have to do a night ride to see how it truly is.

I honestly believe right now I have a nice range of modern naked bikes.  Now I just need to get my custom home built which a super garage so I can buy 6 more bikes. 

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.Motorcycles were a gateway to me being a real man.  I have done 100k in home renovations for 45k thanks to motorcycles.

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All the bikes and much else is stacked up in ships lying off the coast of US, Europe and UK.  They are waiting for docking slots. We in the UK also have a big shortage of lorry drivers, so no point in docking,  you might say. 'Just in time' failure.

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Just do it! 

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