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EJK vs FTecu vs PCV? Which Route?

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Fellow FZ/MT 07'rs,

I just installed a $170 Amazon exhaust and seems the power is still pretty in tact but much backfiring. I also purchased an EJK which should arrive today but then I saw the FTecu which seems to have more options and allows the PC maps.

I'm pretty good hands on and also an Sr. Systems IT guy by trade so no issues with the computer but I have no knowledge at all about tuning lol.

Which route should I go? I prefer not to send my ECU out. Also don't understand why the companies that flash ECU's can't just send you a map for your FTecu... (I'm sure there is a reason, this is not my field lol ) 

I know there is information out there and have read some but still no clear concise easy to understand differences. Is there anywhere that I can find a simple spreadsheet of these options compared? I have questions like:

1. ECU Restrictions - Are they lifted with this product?

2. Decel fuel cut off - Does the product fix this?

3. Horesepower Gains - What can be expected?

On many products like these you would find a comparison chart somewhere with what features / functions are available on each option but I have not found any. 

Any help would be appreciated asI know I will be tempted to just go and install the EJK tomorrow lol.


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