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woodcraft rearsets @ a steal.

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Here's a link I found to woodcraft rearsets by clicking on a link @pattonme had posted on another thread about AP rearset plates;


Woodcraft Rearset Kit - Yamaha FZ-07 (2015) 
  - Woodcraft folding footpeg: No05-0407B1$399.99$399.99 

Manufacturer Discount (-12% on Woodcraft-CFM)$-48.00


Free Shipping$0.00


I was on the fence as I'm a wannabe trackday guy.(Phew) Life has been getting in the way of me trying to be peter pan, all important stuff, like really important stuff. ( I'm not a felon, or anything like that.) I started with woodcraft riser plate 1" in the down position, feels natural, then Dunlop Q3+, great tyres ,the best I ever had my way with. Suspension is next on the list, but I always knew I had to have rearsets as I get pins and needles in my right leg after 2+ hrs only after installing the riser plate. I thought about it for a while and realized there has to be a link to the geometry of my body position, anyway I'll get to all that stuff about me later. I know most of the people who look at this Racing/track talk already have a set of rearsets by whoever manufacturer they choose, I'm throwing the bargain I got out there  if you know anyone who wants a set, or you need to replace yours.

BTW their $400+ on the zilla and other sites as of now. + TAX!!!

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