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FTECU DIY bench kit from standard cable

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I bought the ftecu kit and had a problems with the cable. I also have a really bad internet connection in my garage. I researched a little bit and found out how to power the ECU externally without buying the bench kit. I used a 12 volt 3 ampere net adapter and it was enough for me.  

This worked out for me. I did not use a new connector. I connected the wires directly to the ecu pins. I used arduino cables I had at home for connecting the external power. I was cautious and shielded all connectors with shrink tube. I believe that there is risk to damage either the ECU or your computer if the power is connected to the wrong pins or is shorted somehow. I want to share what I learned but also give a warning. Please verify the pins from the service manual if you are going to try this yourself (circuit diagram for ignition system at chapter 8.1 in 2014 MT-07 service manual). If the connections are not properly connected while flashing there is a risk of bricking your ECU. Also I might be doing something wrong and was just lucky it worked out for me. 

The wires from the flashtune cable connects to the same pins as in the instruction. I connected the ground wire from the flashtune cable with the ground from the net adapter. They were both connected to pin 35 (B/W black white). The positive pole from the net adapter was connected to pin 7 (R/W red white). 

The ECU connector pinout in the service manual is mirrored. The manual shows the connector from underneath but most pictures we see (flashtune instructions for example) are taken from above were the wires go in. 

Its good to use a volt meter. When the ECU is powered there should be 5 volts between ground -- yellow or orange from the flashtune cable. This is tested at the bike side harness before it is connected to your computer. 

When the FTECU software tells you to turn key on/off just plug/unplug the net adapter. Do not touch the pins.




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Nice work dude!

Mods should move this to the Tech Tips section for ease of finding it later.

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