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2008 R6 Shock Info

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I decided to take one for the team based on @pattonme's thread for shock swaps and purchased a 2008 R6 rear shock.

Below are my measurements, but I do not have a micrometer so it may not be "perfect".

EDIT: I've added the numbers in text as the upload crushed the image size and quality making it hard to read the numbers.

Top of shock to bottom = 320mm

Center of bolt holes = 295mm

Bolt hole(s) diameter = 10mm

Top to outside of compression adjuster = 20mm

Top to outside of reservoir = 50mm

Center of top bolt hole to outside top of reservoir = 85mm

Outside reservoir diameter = 48mm

Spring area = 155mm



Outside to tip of blue compression control = 90mm

Outside to bottom of gold compression control = 80mm

Bottom of gold compression control to outside of reservoir = 25mm

Opening between bottom clevis = 30mm


Edited by br4nd0n
Adding text for measurements because image quality got degraded
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