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Bob 007

Fuel Grade ?

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11 hours ago, norcal616 said:

No, it's not self-adjusting...


It monitors stuff like fuel combustion and adjusts to that

The amount of energy in 87 is greater than 91 when using (r+n)/2 and the ECU can pick that up via the O2 sensor even with it's limited capabilities. 

It would take a few hundred miles to do so, but it could learn 

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21 hours ago, Zeus said:

I'm no tech/engineer, can't the ECU adjust to the fuel grade?  I'm well aware that higher octane is of no benefit unless tuned, but I'd be surprised if it had adverse effects.

Nothing noticeable right away but later, maybe years down the road you would notice the affects from the unburned deposits that built up. 


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~24,400 miles (39,267 km) on my FZ-07 and I've only been running it with 87 octane (with the exception of one tank that I got 91 octane in as the pump was out of 87 and 89 octane fuels). I have has 0 issues with my Akrapovic Titanium exhaust that I've had on for almost the last 10,000 miles (16,000 km). No tune either.

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