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Hey, guys I know this isn't the first link out there but probably one of the only ones that will tell you exactly what you want to know.  I've been building two FZ07's for Wera Nationals and MotoAmerica for over a year now and made lots of custom parts for the bikes to get them set up exactly how I wanted.  The newest part I've been working on was the rear linkage.  I was running the stock linkage with a standard 90mm "Race Link" to get the swingarm angle up but noticed the progression was adversely affected.

I reached out to Jeff at Motospec and Eric at Velocity Calibrations we all agreed on the chassis numbers of the bike weren't ideal for track use.  Especially at a faster pace the bike had limited trail numbers when swapping R6 components with stock triples and got to talking about the motion ratio and progression of the back of the bike.  I looked at buying a link already on the market and noticed they needed to run huge springs not easily sourced at the track if you needed to make a change.  I carry extra springs no problem but carrying the springs that I couldn't use on other bikes if it was avoidable just didn't make sense.

The goal was a link that worked with a stock style shock, nothing special, and get the spring rate in check.   Jeff had some ideas and we agreed on some numbers I thought would package so we could test.  We finally had a chance this past weekend at the Wera national to test the bike and the linkage with good results.  Was running the bike with a .95 rear and a shock length of 320mm and had great results.  Never been there, first time on the bike and a second off the race leader with a best of 3rd place in the expert nationals.

We have agreed to put together a group buy on the links.  If people are interested you can get a hold of me through my page on Facebook.


Also doing a lot of other stuff for the bike trying to make trick parts more affordable for guys.  I have a full-time day job as an Engineering Manager and just race for a hobby so it's not my sole income and I don't need to make the margins of have the same overhead as others.

Anyway if you're interested just trying to help out the community.



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