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Notice, this website uses viglink affiliate software

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What is affiliate software? Almost every single website that you visit has affiliate partners that pay the website owners a really small finder's fee for sending them customers that click thru and buy from them.

This is how websites pay the bills, as who in their right mind would spend 25 hours a week working on a website for others, for totally free?

Some of the links on this website are affiliated with viglink, and they get me back a very small finder's fee when one of you click a link and buy something.We are talking pennies per , here.

This does not raise your price at all, it just is a way that retailers earn more business, and also allows me and other small website owners justify owning a website and dumping late night hours when we would rather be in bed sleeping.

This is not my day job, and most months I pay more for this forum than what it brings in. 

Affiliate marketing also helps pay for all the software updates, security updates and hosting, plus a large software license monthly fee.

Pm me with any questions and yes, clicking on those RevZilla links is a great way to support the forum. And this month we are giving back what we usually make in a gift card contest.

Thanks for being members of the FZ07 forum.

Rob aka Cruizin

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Support the site and buy sweet shet for yourself? Win win!


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