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SC Project full exhaust from AliExpress (detailed photos)

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End can rotated the wrong way to hide the SC Project logo...That's my personal preference as it's fake, so I don't want to pretend I've got the real thing, when it's actually a $150 full exhaust system


Headers are perfectly shaped, and fitted nicely without any problems. The angle of the 2into1 collector is a bit strange and could be made nicer if they tried, but overall it's good. My one complaint would be that the brackets for the springs are a bit too tall. But that's me being very picky!


Lambda bung is also nicely welded. No problems there!


The baffle packing has already started to come loose after only 10km of riding...Not really an issue. It will burn off after a while, and as this exhaust is stupidly loud, I don't think a bit of baffle packing will make a difference.


This bracket is a little too close for comfort. I scratched my swing arm a little when installing. Now I've bent the brakcet further outward to prevent this from happening again. The supplied bolt was too long and could not be used, so I just used some spare hardware I had lying around. Bracket is a direct copy of the Akrapovic brakcet and requires removal of the footrest and the swing arm bolt. Forgot to take pictures of the install, but exactly the same as a genuine Akrapovic bracket. The swing arm bolt and footrest bolts should be torqued up afterwards. Requires a lot of force to loosen them.


That clearance tho! I used a bit of brute force to bend it more outwards. As seen in this picture is before I bent it. 


Finished product.


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That's a whole lot of hardware for not a lot of cash! Will be looking forward to the audio in your next vid :)

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Was planning on doing it last night, but it's not stopped raining for about 24 hours. Will do it this week anyway once the weather improves! 

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I'll bet you can fit in a db killer from another pipe with a little bit of modification . . .

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