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Accident caused by Pre abs rear wheel ?

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 I bought a pre abs rear wheel  to replace a bent rim and just rode without the speed sensor ring.  Everything seemed fine ride wise except the rear brake would lock up  and the Speedo didn’t work. I did some practice emergency braking with the front and the abs engaged. 

I chose to ride and a week later got into an accident. It was very sudden but I going about 40 when I began to brake progressively with the front and back while rolling off the throttle. I checked my rear and saw a car right on my six but immediately redirected my attention forward when I felt the front begin to wash out. All I could think was this has never happened I’m doing everything right. Then the bike went down and I was tumbling. Broke my wrist and ruined a new helmet but otherwise ok. Bike has some cosmetic damage. 

I’m convinced that guy merged into me and pushed my bike down but I’m wondering if whatever controlled the abs could have gotten confused and maybe locked up the front because of mixed signals. If anyone’s had the same experience or had some abs knowledge I would love to hear it. Also curious whether I could just drill the holes in the rim and mount the sensor ring. 


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Sorry to hear you got hurt

Not sure what could've cause it, but from your description it sounds like the other car was at fault

Did he stop and help or just drive past?

ATGATT... ATTATT, two acronyms I live by.

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Sorry about your accident, glad you didn't get hurt too bad. I wasn't there to see exactly what happened but from what you described this may've happened. It happens so often that when people get on the front brake hard their handlebars will turn slightly to one side (especially if they are slightly leaning to one side when they do it) and cause the front tire to be somewhat perpendicular to the direction you're traveling in at speed and with the very slight lean of the bike in the same direction the tire is turning, the combination causes the front tire to lose traction in the blink of an eye and wash out.

Some people are lucky to catch it in time and let off of the front brake and turn the handlebars back and others aren't as lucky. It's happened to me numerous times in the dirt charging too hard into a turn and numerous times on the street. Lost it only once on the street when that happened, boy did that hurt! My right knee left it's signature on the metal gas tank. Not the character I was looking to give my bike, ha!

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