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Sup guys,

founded that forum from our fb group page.

Am an happy owner of a 2017 fz abs, bought it new in april 2018.

Am 40yrs old, its my first bike, it my gift to myself and a kid dream that came true. Am from a small town north of Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Originaly it was a glacial blue, but the dealer swapped the plastics for some white ones. So my baby is kinda unique with her frame color and wheels from a blue model, but with white plastics with no stickers.

So far my mods are :

  • bar end 3" mirrors
  • pro taper pillow grip
  • r6 throttle tube
  • led headlight
  • fender eliminator
  • ebay radiator guard
  • aftermarket levers
  • Vstar windshield (removed after first ride, only kept bracket to have something on the top of headlight)
  • main seat with 1" of memory foam for better confort
  • tst mech-gtr white/amber front flashers and aro18 back flasher (on their way)
  • full akra titanium exhaust (on his way)


 almost 9000km on first season (5600 miles), I just love this bike with passion

I founded a nice keychain, guess what i did as soon as i got it ? fender eliminator !!

Cheers guys, cya around on the forum.


20181004_172106 (Large).jpg

Untitled-1 (Large).jpg

20180626_145835 (Large).jpg

20190307_182221 (Large).jpg

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