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RIzoma Action Turn Signals

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Soooo took the bike in to install the OEM heated grips annnnnd while waiting for me to pick it up, he realized that my turn signals were a mess. I purchased a pair off E-bay last year, but the DRL died on one 9 months in, and they were blinking white, not amber. 


I hate buying things over and over, which led me to pulling the trigger on the Rizoma Action Turn Signals - And damn, these babies are pretty. You can feel the quality. Almost made me wonder why I didn't get them in the first place, oh wait - it's cus they cost double the price of the ones I just bought off E-bay. BUT IT'S WORTH IT. 


Anyway, I think they look great. They aren't DRLs, but they're super bright.

They don't sell them as a pair, so each turn signal comes with a flash relay (so if anyone wants one, I got an extra - DM me). 






Sorry for the fuzzy images, took em at night.

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Those are sweet!  Revzilla has em in stock



This premium turn signal features an all anodized aluminum body with SMD LEDs and a light refracting lens.


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I got these for my fz-07 for the front and back. Great lights. Bright and clean. Make sure you get the LED fuse so it doesn't blink so fast. 

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