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Hi all, new rider from NZ here. I received some good advice while deciding whether to buy this bike so now that I have, I figured I'd say hello properly.


At 32, I'm a completely fresh road rider. I rode dirt bikes when I was a kid but that was about 15-20 years ago now. I work with a few guys that ride, both daily commuters and weekend warriors. Their enthusiasm was infectious and about 6 months ago I started on the path of researching what it would take to get into it.


In NZ we have LAMS (learner approved motorcycle scheme) which ties into our licensing rules - similar to Aussie. As a learner you can ride anything on the approved LAMS list, which covers bikes under 659cc and below a certain power-to-weight ratio. Yamaha released LAMS-approved variants of the MT-07 at 655cc here and they're pretty popular since they slide in right under the threshold.


I originally was planning on picking up an MT-03. But at 6 feet tall, the 03 just felt too small while test riding. The MT-07 is a bit gruntier than what I was really looking for, but after a couple of test rides I found it really comfortable and smooth to control. I was close to pulling the trigger on an XSR700, but the dealership ended up having a used 2015 ABS MT-07 in stock, so I grabbed that and saved a bunch of cash.


I've had the bike for a couple of days and am absolutely loving it. Finding plenty of excuses to duck across town at lunch time, or take the extra long way home. I have heaps to learn but am looking forward to getting to a point where I can manage some longer rides out of town on the weekends. I've booked in for a Ride Forever course in a couple of weeks (similar to MSF courses in the US I think) - looking forward to a lot of learning!




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Welcome to the family! It's a dysfunctional family.. but family none the less. 😁


Good choice of the used LAMS as your first bike. It'll hold it's value better than a new one and I wouldn't be surprised if you decided to upgrade after you get your LAMS time in. 👍

Just shut up and ride.

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