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Why we don't have Tapatalk, and you shouldn't either

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Tapatalk is an old app/website service for forums.  They were created back in the day when everyone had flip phones and wanted to be able to use forums on their phones.  It was handy, we all had tapatalk back then.  


Then smartphones came out and people still used tapatalk because websites were not responsive/mobile freindly. 


But then websites started becomming mobile freindly a few years ago. We recently switched our software to a mobile freindly format, where you can login using your phone's browser and still use all of the forum and everything fits nicely on your mobile devices screens.


At that time, we dumped Tapatalk. And there are a bunch of reasons why but the most important reason lies within their terms of service that users have to agree to when they start using Tapatalk. 


Tapatalk has the right to actually sell your email addresses to advertisers. They also track all of the links that you click on on every single page that you visit while using Tapatalk. They just take too many liberties with our info and this is a huge security concern for most responsible website owners and admins. 


We do not track where you go, we dont know your passwords, we dont sell or give your data or personal info to anyone. So we are not going to open Tapatalk back up. Period.  And why would we? 


This forum is 100% mobile freindly on any mobile device. Just login on your phone browser, and click yes when it asks you if you want it to save your login credentials. You can even save this website as a favorite in your phone browser. 


If you use firefox or chrome on your desktop, then use firefox or chrome on your mobile device and sign into your browser, it should have your same login credentials saved already. 


We don't need nor do we want Tapatalk.  Its old unneeded software. 


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Ah, yes the bad old days of WAP, internet. There are still forums to this day using this and I hate those dang pop-ups.

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I am on a Honda site and now I think I should not be.  It is always the case that any action we individuals take is way after the horse has bolted and run around the course 1000 times. Far too late, but I may come off it now. Thanks for the info (and your choice), Cruisin.

Just do it! 

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