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Compatible levers

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Hey all, I searched the forums before posting, quite possible that i overlooked something, if so, my apologies.
In the FZ-07 Ebay/Amazon parts thread, the levers are $50 (plus shipping and tax since i'm in MO), but it shows the fitment of other bikes (below).
My question...would the levers from 09 FZ6R fit on our FZ-07? If so:
Quite a bit of savings :)
04-09 FZ6 (Fazer, FZ600)
09-14 FZ6R (Fazer, FZ600R)
2015 FZ07 (FZ7)
11-13 FZ8
2014 FZ09 (FZ9)
01-05 FZ1 (Fazer, FZS1000, FZS10)
09-13 XJ6 Diversion

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yes they fit but you will probably have to use the bushing from the stock clutch lever. that's what i had to do.

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I was looking at cheap levers for my last bike UNTIL I READ THIS
Do a search on line about some of the cheap levers causing accidents ...I think I would wait and buy better levers with solid tolerances from a reputable manufacture
and another

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O Gawd it's this debate again on another forum.
I have ebay levers on my Ninja, zero issues.
If they fit when they are installed, they will be fine.
I have CRG's on the FZ-07 because they were the ones I first found that fit, and I knew they were a good brand.
Plenty of options for the FZ-07 on this webpage

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I got cheap chinese 25 dollars on mine for the past 1000 miles no issues,fit was good no binding so I kept them.

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