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2012 R6 Front End Conversion

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Just finished a front end conversion!

Got full 2012 R6  front end (very good condition) including wheel off ebay.

Still need to do some finishing touches.

Ridable at moment waiting for headlight clamps and upper triple tree from https://www.topyokes.uk/product/yamaha-yzf-r6/

When I stood original fork legs side by side they were almost exact length.

Might get a custom upper triple thats stepped like the original.

For now rides really solid. Way better than stock.

Turn radius is slightly reduced due to wider triples. (even after filing down steering stops)


Pretty easy to do as long as you have vice (changing fork oil) grinder for steering stops and headset. Drill for upper triple. And upper bearing from AP or TWF.

One thing I didnt plan on was getting the upper bearing out since it was almost flushed there was maybe a micron of lip so I used a large socket at a angle and punched it out that way.

Oh and the ignition is was bolted in with those brake off nuts so you need drill tap those. 


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track FZ 07


im doing the same set up as you , clean finish by the way . Have your top triple clamp came in from the website you provided  , if so ,is the ignition hole on the side just like the r6 ? or is it centered like the fz 07 . I emailed the CNC and ask if this is possible . Also , was your build difficult ? ,did you need to buy extra bearings or have some made ? What parts did you order  did you need to purchase extra pieces for the light fitting . As you can see I have a lot of questions lol. 

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Nice work. Put in some serious wrench time.  A little out of reach for what I have time to do but man I wish!!

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