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TST Mech GTR/Halo Circuit

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Good Evening  Forum,


Have a problem getting the Halo circuit to run as DRLs.

2015 MT07 (Japan)

Mech GTR front turn signals

Halo LED circuit for the Mechs
TST Flash Relay


The wiring as far as I can see should be sending the live wiring to the halo circuit. Turn signals work/signal fuse is not blown.
I can't see anything wrong and I doubt both units are faulty.
Any help or insight would be appreciated.

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Did a quick search and watched the tst install video on you tube.  The units are plug and play, so unless you forgot to plug something in (Halo units require plugging into signal wiring) or pinched a wire during reassembly....  You confirmed that your stock setup DRL was working prior to installing the TST lights?  You have taken the headlight and turn signal assembly apart and double checked all of your connections & wiring?  Also double check stock signals at the same time to confirm that they are working properly.


If you have done those items then I would be in touch with TST about warranty replacement on the units.

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