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Canadian Members - Turn Around Time and Shipping

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This is just a thread to let fellow Canadians know what to expect when sending your ECU to be flashed. This is not a review on the flash itself as there's far too much snow to even think about riding right now. 


Winters are long here so it's the perfect time to send your ECU to be flashed.  I took advantage of the Black Friday sale for $259 USD.   I sent mine out via Canada Post tracking on December 3rd. 2WDW received it late in the day on December 10th. The ECU was flashed and sent back to me on December 11th. I just received it today, December 19th. This is a pretty good turn around time considering it's really close to Christmas and packages typically take longer during the month of December. 


Shipping there via Canada Post, insured for $300, and tracking was $19 CAD. Once in the US, Canada Post packages are delivered by USPS. 2WDW charged $45 USD ($63 CAD) for return shipping, tracked with a signature, and insured for $500. It was shipped back via USPS. While I think the return shipping is a bit steep, I'm very happy that it traveled safely to and from.  There were no extra charges at my door for duties or taxes. 


Now the long long wait till spring when I'll finally be able to test it out. 

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Thanks for this!

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