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2018 Mt-07 Hard Shifting- False Neutral

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Hello guys, I hope you are having a good day. I have a little issue with my bike... %90 of the time I clutchless shift up-down and bike is totally fine with it, shifting smoothly up and down. Due to winter air temp is around 5, 10 degree Celcius and bike doesn't want to up shift anymore. I am not sure if its due to lower temps or something else(Oil inside the bike is 1000 km or 600 miles old)(I am using Putoline 10-40W full synthetic oil)(Bike is at 7000km).

%50 of the time it goes to false neutral even when I time it accurately and pushing the shifting rod up hard enough. Especially while a wheelie false neutrals occurs 5-6 times more often than it used to. When I use the bike softly shifting with clutch, shifting rod feels stiff. Only after like a half second of pushing it up at low gears at low RPM it shifts up. It is not the best gearbox out there or a sporty one but at least I want a little more out of it with some adjustment or with different oil. Should I change the oil or is there any adjustments that I can make? I am willing not to change the oil since I did the oil change recently and they are too expensive in my country.

Thank you for reading, have a great day!


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