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How to get your "topic" featured in "our picks".

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We are working on a Front home page.  We are also working on an "articles" section.  And we are working on a section for the front homepage that will be titled "Our Picks". 


We the staff will have the ability to "promote" our articles and select "topics" from the forum to the "Our picks" section of the front home page. 


  1. Articles. If you would like to write an "article", send me a PM first and then I'll instruct you to write an article via word or google tools and email it to me.   To be approved for "our picks" , I will be looking for content, pics and  
  2. Topics. We will be looking for useful and well written posts to promote to the "Our Picks" section of the forum. Again, Grammar, content and pics will be a hug epart of what we are looking for when promoting select Topics to promote to the front home page. 


This forum gets over 20,000 visitors per day. Many of them do not take time to sign in or post.  I chalk some of this due to the fact that social media phone apps have actually made people less tech able.   Some people favor generic ease over useful features and easy to find content. Hell, some people favor ease over actual facts or truth, but that for another story. 


I feel that more featured content will drive more people to sign in and take part in our topics and content creation. 


So, who wants to write some articles?  Send me a PM. 





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Just curious but what kind of articles are you looking for? 

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