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New rule for the classifieds section-must have 25 posts

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I have noticed new people joining only to sell something on the forum, and then they split.  These folks do not take part in the forum, they dont help answer questions for new riders, they don't participate or contribute in any way.


Also, we don't know these people. Do we want to be sending money to someone that we don't know at all? 


As part of our terms, the operators of this forum have absolutely no liability concerning these classifieds transactions, all sales conducted via the fz07 forum classifieds are between the buyer and the seller.  


So, along those lines, in order to be able to post at all in the classifieds section, you must now have at least 25 posts on the forum. this can be in the form of new posts or comments.  


Forums are for learning and sharing, not just selling your shet and moving along. 

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Sounds like a good policy to me! Good call Cruizin :)

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