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VIR this weekend- lost the front end

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They were running 4 sessions on the Patriot course- Advanced, Intermediate, Novice, and minibikes. I ran Novice on the fz07. For the minibike session, I was on my buddies kaw z125 pro. PRO, bro.

For whatever reason, the minibike session transitioned from trackday to cut-throat race session. There was no attempt to reign in the aggression. By the second lap it became a war. Drafting, carrying more corner speed, push push push. I had passed everyone but two dirtbikes (on street tires). These bikes had slightly more power and were really really hard to keep up with, despite having a PRO (bro).


The checker came out as we passed pit. Last lap. I wanted to overtake one of the dirtbikes before ending the session, so I reasoned if I could keep him close through turn 3a/b, i could use gravity and skill to drive hard out of turn 4. He had the power to pull away but his corner speed was slower than mine... famous last words!

The execution was beautiful. I hit turn 3a in 3rd gear, throttle pinned, and never let out. Transitioned to 3b (right) and greased it. I'm hauling and reeling this guy in hard. I know I'm going to cut inside and scream past this cat like he's standing still. Oh the look on his face- its going to be epic.

He swings wide to the outside just as expected and I point to the inside. I imagine flames are blowing off my helmet as I leave blisters on the pavement. I'm going to shoot inside just as we get to the exit. I KNOW this is going to work...


And thats when the front tire lost all its grip. I was thrown to the ground was all the force of god. The inside bar-end ripped through my jacket sleeve and my helmet smacked the asphalt. The bike and I slide all the way to the outside and 20ft off into the grass. I rupture my pride and jam my right thumb but am mostly unscathed.


The bike needs new bars and some stitches, but I was able to ride it back to the paddock. I sat out the next Novice session because of the pain in my thumb. The rest of the day was slow-n-steady.

Lesson learned- minibikes do not stick to pavement. And racing brings out the dumb in a man. I think its a measure of character- if you can maintain a cool head and ride within the laws of physics, you stand a good chance of not getting slammed into the tarmac with all of gods force.


The next day we played on the north course. Thats a fun fun fun track. The fz07 was amazing after a few adjustments to the shock.


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Glad your some what un-scathed. Interesting read.

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2 hours ago, howworkclutch said:

For whatever reason, the minibike session transitioned from trackday to cut-throat race session

Hahahahahaha And you are suprised?


My very first clubman race at sears point I and my buddy Leanord Acosts (R.I.P.) were black flagged after being chased down by the Instructors.

Back in those days they called it the Turkey Class.  First to rounds out as newbs they would stick you all toghether and put a vet in front and back.  We were supposed to stay behind of and in front of.  Well crap me pants I was not going to spend 45$ to race 1 time in a controlled enviroment and Leonard tapped me and that was it, RACE ON.  We booked it  and it was on, Yamaha R5 (Mine) RD (His) 

We came back around the start finish to see a pack of numb nuts flagging us down and waving this black thing at us both while pointing behind us.  We just kept going thinking hey they are warning us of something.  Some three laps latter the lead Guide caught us and well, he was not to happy, shaking his fist flipping us off and gestures never seen by mankind again.  (We were were dirt trackers, racing our street bikes, we new what the black flag was :))

We got kicked out and our licenses pulled for 3 rounds, next time we showed up, they put us both in the GP class

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