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'15 FZ-07, pre - owned "daily commute / canyon" build

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Bought this baby girl with about 7260 miles on it. It sat for a over a year in the garage of a ladies house where her son left it after buying a car and moving away. He obviously didn't take very good care of it. Had dropped it, crashed it, just beat the hell out of it, how ever it got a good bill of health from my local mechanic. This is my technically "first" bike I have ever owned , or rode for any extended period of time what so ever. I had a Ninja 250 back in 2010, I owned it for about 4 days, maybe put 150 miles on it, and eventually sold it 5 days later after my parents hassled me into it. 

So, I bought this bike, and didn't tell a soul. Of course until they all say my IG, and FaceBook posts.. The Finance is mad still.. OH f@#king well. 

Anyways, I have always day dreamed about carving the canyons here in Southern California. I thought I would be forever jealous of the guys riding their naked bikes to and from work commuting on a impractical machine, wearing full gear and a helmet in 105 degree weather. I mean honestly, who wants to do that? I always thought those guys must not be able to afford cars, or something.. Well, I could afford another sports car, which is what I was looking for the day I bought this bike. I should state, that I saw it on FB market place, and with in an hour, it was in my garage, now on with the details: 

What I paid: 3,200$, it came with a new diablo Rosso 2 tire, and a Shoei helmet. 
What was wrong with it: No mirrors, blinkers don't work, needed rear tire installed, has some cosmetic damage, horn doesn't work, idiot kid removed the mirrors and rear turn signals. And the eliminator kit was broken..

What I have done so far: 

Oil Change, and rear tire install along with all standard things you would have done on a bike that sat for over a year.
CRG RC2 Short Levers

Driven Racing TT Rear Sets
Akrapovic Carbon Race Exhaust W/ Power Commander FC/IG

Snorkle delete

Yoshi Eliminator kit 

Thats it for now, the plans of this bike are ever changing.. I am an extreme person, and very impulsive. I am also dedicated to something when I love it. I am in love with riding this bike, and looking at and buying parts.. I have several parts coming including and not limited to:

Carbon Fiber replacements for the plastic parts ( I want to do a whole carbon bike.. ) 
Race cage
Passenger Peg delete
Rizmo Mirrors
Graves Carbon Exhaust
HordPower Air Filter box
Sending in the ECU to be refreshed 
R6 Rear tire conversion ( need to buy a rim and tire ) 

I will post updates as they come, and try to be as active as I can as I go through this and learn more about the bike as I am yes pretty new to it. I have put about 1400 miles on it in 2 weeks, I will take my MSF next week. 

I should note, I am not doing the work myself AT ALL. I am having it done by my local shop, and mechanic. 


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Congrats on the purchase... But please tell me somewhere in all this purchasing you bought some quality protective gear as well?  ✌️

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Why not turbo it?

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Congrats on the bike.  Good luck with the fiance?  It looks like your doing things the right way by taking the MSF course.  I think that there would be plenty of riding courses available in your area of travel, so I would avail myself of some additional classes as well if I were in your shoes.  The protective gear is a must!  Also try and save the canyon racing for the track days and don't exceed 70% of your true ability in the canyons.

Best of luck.  Also pics are required... hehehe

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If your graves exhaust arrived and you love it will you sell me that akrpovic =]

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