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The last dance of 2018

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Saturday morning practice, Sprint races today. Pirelli rep just dropped off our endurance slicks and felt he had to crash for effect...


A lttle bench racing Saturday night,


Heading off for the 5 hour endurance sighting lap,





Katie givin'er the spurs,


And the team, "Slicks, Chics and a Lucky Old Man".  Finished 5th in class (only 1 lap out of 4th with 135 laps) and 11th overall out of 23 teams. One meatball, you're welcome, for a pit lane violation. Oops.



Shout out to Cornerslider who stopped in to say 'Hi', even tho he was working in the enemies pit (a friend's fz07r team)


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Nice job, thanks for sharing



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Looks like you had a lot of fun but your 3rd pic threw me off for a second, I thought someone's legs had grown arms, ha! Too early for me to focus well I guess. As evilled said, thanks for sharing!

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