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Modifications Discussion - Taller Riders

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First post here. Picking up a used 16' FZ-07 this week, I am 6'1" 200lbs all suited up.


I need to hash out the best way to setup my bike for being taller. My FZ09 had protaper bars on it but i felt i could afford to be a little more aggressive. I am contemplating drag bars or clip-ons, I think adjustable rear-sets are a must when changing the rake of the bars that much (moving the feat back, not necessarily down). I have read that changing out the seat (height) can add some comfort when it comes to leg position.


Anyone have any up to date info on any of this? a vast majority of the information is from 2014-2016 and there have been a lot of newer aftermarket bits made available and hoping those who made these changes years ago have some long term advice. I plan on doing this one right, going to be show quality bike.


In the last 6 years  the bikes I have owned (chronological)

2001 Ninja 500r

2001 Suzuki katana 

2001 Gsxr-750

2005 Ninja 636

2015 DRZ-SM

2015 Fz-09

2013 v-rod night rod

2016 R1 anniversary 

2016 FZ-07 (pending)


I have tried my share of different 'styles' and have had many great experiences. Every bike was the best I've ridden, until I have tried something else. I have decided on an 07 as my next venture, I've found an incredible deal on a used bone stock 2016. With the majority of my riding being city the fz still allows for spirited twistys when applicable and I can effectively use all of its available power.  


This post is long winded but I think it could open up some valuable discussion. I intend to start a build thread once I figure out how to navigate the forums.


Thanks All

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I am the same height and weight as you and have had my FZ-07 for four years now.  I am comfortable with the stock rearset and bars, but I like a fairly upright riding position.  I have the Seat Concepts seat, but that was for comfort and did not change the seating position by any noticable amount.  


I am interested to watch your build thread, there is a bunch of stuff you can do with this bike (don't ask me how I know :) ).

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Also same height, and just a bit heavier (almost 210 lbs), and also prefer a bit more upright than the OP, so the stock seating and bar position suits me quite well.  If wanting a more aggressive position, clip-ons would be the way to go, with rear-sets possibly helping too.  With my 34" inseam and 46 y.o. body (especially knees and back), I appreciate not being folded up like one would be on a supersport...

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