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My way of making carbon fiber heel guards

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Just for fun I tried to create the right heel guard in carbon fiber  ( the left one is coming but the heat here is just too extreme to continue now  :( )

First the preparation 


Than I created the mould 


the rough pieceIMG_20180913_232008_655.thumb.jpg.a08f9adc79214e3d582921691fb31ac4.jpgIMG_20180913_232011_361.thumb.jpg.46330d269ea3a78e3accf381445ff2d8.jpg



Cutted and during painting 




The oem for comparison 


On the bike 


As a curiosity : 90% of CF products have an outside layer of twill carbon IMG_20180913_232059_957.thumb.jpg.5e8c70ae4af709a43c601ababf50e331.jpg

Or plain


And Ducati use's only plain

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Never worked with the stuff, that looks great! Can you make a video of how you did that or one of something else? I'd like to learn how to work with it. Edit: never-mind, there are videos of 'how to' on you tube.

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Easy composite makes a lot of videos about the different tipes of fibers and techniques , surely better video than anything I could make 😆 

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Wow. Nice work. I've never worked with CF or even seen it done like this. Very interesting.


If you have the time, can you describe what you're doing in the first few pix? Green is what? Black blob is what? How does the fiber get in the mix - when is the sheet laid down?


If you have time and the interest . . .


Thanks for the write up.

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No problem ! But you should really check the easy composite’s YouTube channel 

 1 )first I prepared the oem piece , this will be the shape that the final product will take .

the white stuff it’s like a modeling clay , it’s used to create a shape that can be removed from the mold and to change some details , in my case , I didn’t like the holes that everyone has in their CF pieces so I create the indentation using the clay .



after some anti sticking chemicals I used a mold resin (green) and a reinforcement ( easy composite’s puddy)


Pre 4) When the mold was ready I removed the oem piece , modified the mold edges and apply release agents .

 4 )I mixed the resin layered 4/5 time the clothes in the last photos ( the twill one )

And when everything was ready I removed the rough piece in the photo 



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I want to be clear, making molds and then making a piece is not really a cheap alternative to buy it but allows you to control every detail and make more copies.



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