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I have a soon to be white 2017 fz 07 and I saw a while back somebody did a 2018 front end conversion. I really like this idea but I was wondering if instead of moving the turn signals could i just repurpose the DRL in the headlight for turn signals and DRL? I think that would be awesome but I dont have a ton of knowledge about wiring and stuff. Oh and I also found led strips that go around your fork tubes and act as turn signals anyone know how good they are? 

Edit: could I connect the wires from the running lights to the existing turn signal wires to achieve the function I want?

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You probably "could" with quite a bit of wiring effort but IMO the results would be less than desirable. You need some distance between the headlight and signals or it would be like trying to see a candle next to the sun. Just too much overall light from one small area, the signals would be very hard for other drivers to notice. Just my thoughts on it. I think the wrap around strips or bar end signals would be easier to see and waaaaay less hassle to hook up. Good luck! Let us know what you decide to get and post some pics!!! 👍


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