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PCV original map compare to akrapovic

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Hey guys so I managed to install the PCV into my 2016 FZ07 and what a difference it made! To put you into context, the bike came with a full akra carbon system but instead of having the carbon muffler it came with a r3 GP style muffler so naturally it lost quite a bit of torque. So I installed the PCV and the map it comes with feels wayyy better than the bike without the PCV but what seems strange is that the original map feels better than the akra map and after looking at the akra map table numbers you can realize most are 0s therefore the map isnt adding much fuel into the original map at all. So my question is, could the akra map feel that off just because of the GP style muffler although the rest of the system is the carbon one which the map was created for? Also dynoing the bike or flashing it is way too much a hassle since i don't live un the US or a country with that much expertise for that matter

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